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This wiki is dedicated to how user senses impact human-system interaction.

User SensesEdit

User senses include low and high level visual perception, the auditory system and other human senses such as touch, taste and smell. In this project will be exploring the impact that each of these senses has on human-system interaction and how technology can be designed to understand and take advantage of them.


Google's Project Glass - an example of modern human-system interaction utilizing visual sensory input (from

Low Level Visual PerceptionEdit

Low level visual perceptions refers to the initial response perceived by a human viewer to visual stimuli. This response requires approximately 200 to 250 milliseconds in order to be perceived[1]. Factors in low level visual perception include: brightness perceptions, size constancy, contrast sensitivity and visual acuity[2].

High Level Visual PerceptionEdit

High level visual perception is the ability to derive understanding from abstract data[3]. Essentially, high level visual perception is the ability to make sense out of massive amounts of unprocessed data. 

Auditory PerceptionEdit

Auditory perception is the ability to differentiate between sound intensity, frequency and duration [4]. Additionally, auditory perception is the ability recall prior observations  in order to derive meaning from auditory stimuli. 

The Other Senses: Taste, Smell, TouchEdit

Information systems are currently under development which will allow the end user to interface via taste, smell, touch and hearing. Tactile feedback has been in use for some time by gaming systems in order to provide additional stimuli with which the user can derive information and better interact with the system. Work is being done in the areas of "Cognative Computing" such that all five senses will be taken into account[5]


  • Kevin Cannon
  • Sarah Fongheiser
  • Nathan Fowler
  • Chris Leek


All references used in this project can be found here: References

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